//Moving through Great Loss and Change

Moving through Great Loss and Change

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is seriously a relentless work in progress for many of us at this time. The other day while talking to my sweetheart about what we are seeing in the world at this time, there are a “few” things to ponder.  We discussed what if today was our last day? What can we do to make this world a better place? Suffering is everywhere.  Seriously, if you stop to ponder the events over the last few months, Kobe Bryant and friend’s deaths just barely 4 months ago, The tornado in Nashville was devastating, I won’t even go into election stress, and of course COVID-19 with entire countries closing down, and the general behavior of humans is a little disappointing as well, not all of us but some for sure.

There are so many questions that we may never have answers too. Sometimes I even get angry at that part. Sure, we can get the logistics from the news but different channels sometimes say different things, and truly I believe things are kept from us. The anger I feel at times is more frustration of the way things are handled at times, but I guess there are no earthly answers for that. 

For myself and the faith that I hold in my heart I know the answers will come someday but it won’t be until I am face to face with the celestial committee myself. One of the things I try to share with people is to see things from and angel’s perspective. I see them as the wise ones of heaven helping to bring peace to our weary souls. Like it or not our souls came to here to learn. You know the saying,” When you lose don’t lose the lesson”.  This is truly how we learn if we choose too, it’s that whole free will thing and some people just don’t and that’s ok.  Yet, holding onto anger is never good, neither is blame or un-forgiveness. 

A girlfriend shared with me the other day about a challenge in her life she continually goes through.  She seemed to always suffer over this particular issue. I said, you know there is a distinct pattern here. She was aware of it and told me that she knew that. She said she had an epiphany about it, and decided to look at it differently.  It was a shift in thinking. When someone dies especially a death we are not prepared for accidental death, I turn it over to the angels. That goes for all unexpected events.  For example, a short prayer, I don’t understand why my husband died, why he left us so soon, please envelope me in your love and help me to find peace in this situation. This example is a surrender, it is letting go of the struggle to understand the why’s that we will never have answers too.

Over time the why’s begin to dissipate and although we will always question a lot of our  human existence hopefully peace can enter your heart and a understanding that something bigger is taking place will enter into your consciousness. My heart goes out to all of those who have lost parents and loved  ones due to COVID 19.  Not only are we grieving our lives and all that we have lost but losing a loved one on top of everything else, it is just going to take time, lots of time. Be kind to yourselves. Remembering the love and beautiful memories is all we have after they leave, but just like in the movie ET when he goes home he points to the child’s third eye, right between his eyebrows, and says I will be right here.  That eye is the one that sees with the heart, the eye that opens during meditation and prayer.  In these uncertain times it is important to always remember that something bigger than us is taking place. You are loved, the angels are here to help, just ask.

Wishing you peace on your journey.

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Award-Winning Author And Intuitive Guide Specializing In Grief Counseling, Nina Impala is a highly intuitive multifaceted individual. She combines her intuitive abilities with professional education in the End-of-Life Field. Certified by The American Academy of Bereavement for Spiritual Facilitation for the Terminally Ill, Nina also holds a BA in Human Services, is a graduate of Mueller College of Holistic Studies, Author of Dearly Departed What I Learned About Living From the Dying, and a Reiki Master Teacher for the last 15 years.