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Nina has been a huge help to my family in dealing with my aging mother. My mother had grown very depressed and bitter in the passing years. She became extremely negative and hurtful to my brother and I when it became necessary for her to move into a assisted living facility. Nina has helped her work through some very deep issues relating to the death of a child that she had buried for many years. She opened up to Nina in areas that she would never discuss with her children. We have seen a definite improvement in her spirits and clarity of mind. I would highly recommend Nina to others in similar situations.

– Sandra A


For over four decades, I have expended hundreds of thousands of dollars on intensive therapy to try and “fix me”. It was when I met Nina Impala this year and started working with her that I discovered I had all the resources with God’s light and love to open my heart to possibilities and I was “already fixed” as a child of God.

Sharing with Nina the countless hours of therapy year in and year out that did provide insights and understanding to change my behavior in my head – but never allowing my heart to participate.

My relationship with Nina and our work together is special and hard to put into words. Trusting others has always been my core issue and with each week we open the “window of light” for a soul that so much wants peace and joy in her own skin. I sometimes now find myself smiling and I will think of the many positive changes that have taken place allowing me to be a kind friend to myself and not defend my behavior to others.

Nina has opened up a world of possibilities and hope for a life full of new adventures. Nina is one of my many “gifts” from God and each day I have heartfelt gratitude for our journey together.

Carolyn E. Oliver
Pasadena, CA


Nina is such a gifted, beautiful soul!  Her ability to connect to spirt and express to her clients what is beyond has been a wonderful education, as well as brought great peace to my heart. 

I was referred to Nina, by a dear friend, after I lost my husband to suicide.  She had already connected to him before I arrived for my first appointment and knew information about him that was never divulged.  Over time, more questions were answered and a better understanding for myself was achieved.  Through Reiki, she helped elevate my vibration/frequency.  By doing so, I could better cope with my great loss with a little less overwhelming intensity.  Nina’s ability to connect to the energy beyond is beautiful and she brings a greater and deeper perspective to the soul experience.  I am eternally grateful!

– Amy Stewart


Meeting with Nina has helped me to gain more insight into my spirituality and has opened my eyes to a more positive way of healing and dealing with issues that are bothering me. I have also learned that we need to shield ourselves with an invisible boundary when meeting people who are in distress internally. Nina has been a great help in my journey and I thank her for that.

– Laura S.


Working with Nina is like a clear breath of fresh air. Through our discussions and her guidance I have been able to understand and come to a place of peace in regards to life struggles as well as life changes. It seems to me she comes from a place of unconditional love and true intention to heal others, as well as help others heal themselves.

– Stephanie S.


Nina’s effervescent and uplifting energy is catching and inspiring. She has a true gift of providing benevolent care and service with grace, sincerity, and utmost integrity. Putting all other focus aside, Nina has the ability to bring to consciousness the clear picture of current challenges, the gift of the lessons behind them, and the ability to see a bright and hopeful outcome. I highly recommend connection to Nina for anyone who seeks clarity and vision in all of life’s passages.

– Caroline F. Chaplain


Prior to seeing Nina, I felt like my life and soul were dying. After just a few sessions with her, my life turned for the better. She helped heal me, and she taught me how to manage certain aspects of my life and how to help heal myself. She is truly one very remarkable and spiritual person. Thank You Nina!!

– Lizz J.