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Wednesday at 3 PM Pacific Time on VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

Inspiring End of Life Conversations show is about talking openly about dying and death. Guests on my program include cancer survivors, family members who care to share their stories of aging parents, losing a child, survivors of suicide, accidental death as well as pet psychics who share with us the messages from our furry friends.

We cover ALL aspects of hospice and what people need to know about it before admitting a loved one into hospice care. We have those who have survived near death experiences who share their message of hope and the fact that Heaven is for real. Many shows feature Father Nathan Castle, who is a Catholic Priest, and receives messages from people in dreams who are stuck in the in-between place. If someone dies, and there is something to share, we will be talking about it! Tune in live to Inspiring End of Life Conversations every Wednesday at 3 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.



The Conversation Project® is a public engagement initiative with a goal that is both simple and transformative: to have every person’s wishes for end-of-life care expressed and respected.

Too many people die in a manner they would not choose, and too many of their loved ones are left feeling bereaved, guilty, and uncertain. It’s time to transform our culture so we shift from not talking about dying to talking about it. It’s time to share the way we want to live at the end of our lives. And it’s time to communicate about the kind of care we want and don’t want for ourselves.

We believe that the place for this to begin is at the kitchen table—not in the intensive care unit—with the people we love, before it’s too late.



Todays show is an extraordinary story of courage, strength and deep spirituality.

Given 3 months to live with Stage VI throat and neck cancer, to singing the National Anthem before a Red Soxs game at Fenway Park in Boston, to riding her bicycle 87 miles one day to raise money for children’s cancer research with Pan Mass Challenge, is proof that the unexpected can be achieved.

Denise chose not to battle cancer but to embrace it and allow it to become her teacher and her sage. She learned the self love is the all time greatest healer.



Over the past 22 years, Nathan G. Castle, OP, says he has helped at least 250 people who died suddenly adjust to the afterlife.

These victims of fires, automobile accidents, shootings, stabbings and drownings came to him in his dreams seeking help for resolving their Interrupted Death Experiences™.

And although such contact with the Other Side was not something he sought out, Father Nathan has come to believe that providing such help is something the Holy Spirit has given him to do.



If you are struggling with the loss of a beloved pet or if you have to say goodbye soon to an ill or aging pet, Karen Anderson can help you navigate through those challenging moments so you can find peace of mind and your smile again.

Karen Anderson is an award-winning Afterlife Expert and Animal Communicator, a #1 bestselling author, and the recipient of 19national and international book awards. She has written two books, ‘The Amazing Afterlife of Animals’ and ‘Hear All Creatures’ and has collaborated on two others. She offers a signature Animal Communication Coaching program and mentors spiritually motivated entrepreneurs.

Karen resides on her farm near Spokane, Washington with the animals she loves, and is currently writing her next bestseller.



Edwin views life as a sacred journey. And that sacred journey is leading us Home – back to the source from which we came. He describes the call to ‘come home’ as a voice that says, ‘there something more’.

As a dream weaver, map maker, reality creating magician, Edwin teaches us to follow that voice and to take the steps to create and manifest our personal dream



People hear the word Hospice and automatically think it is the death sentences of all death sentences. This is simply not true.

Listening to Dr Graham you are going to hear a whole other side to what hospice truly is. Quality of Life at the End of Life, or perhaps getting better! Yes, hospice adds quality to life and gives much needed time. This is because of the care you will receive from these wonderful hospice clinicians.

Tune in for all you need to know about the true meaning of what hospice really is.