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When you feel like life is throwing a curve at you that you are not sure how to navigate, when you are unsure, in doubt, in fear, grief you don’t know how to process, life changes that seem unexpected, or you are looking for your soul origins and life purpose, I am here to serve you.


On the day of the session, before the session begins, I tune into your field. A lot of the time my Guides and your Higher Self will begin by showing me your current emotional state. Before beginning our session I will take you through a short mediation with the breath to relax and connect our hearts. Remember no matter what the situation might be, your Higher Self always offers the higher perspective of viewing what is going on.

The myriad of things that can come through in the session are:
  • Current emotional state and how to move forward
  • Emotional blocks and how to deal with them
  • Life purpose (the current situation and which direction to move to help you heal and bring you closer to your souls purpose).
  • Since I am able to see energetic blocks I will give practical tips from your Higher
  • Mantras and positive affirmations will present themselves
  • Many times messages from deceased loved ones, angels and guides come into to help you navigate how to move forward
  • Practical steps and tools you can use in your daily life to reach inner peace, fulfillment, joy, ease and personal flow
  • Clarity of alignment that comes for every person in every session, and is undeniable and powerful
All that is coming in during sessions is brought forth by you, for you, for your greatest good, and it is my great pleasure and joy to assist you in this process.

After the session: 
  • My sessions are based on what you need. Please allow 1 hour and 15 minutes, we may or may not use it but I keep it there as a “time cushion”.  I don’t like to feel rushed and I know you don’t either!  Plus it gives you extra time to relax after the session.
  • Your session fee covers 2 weeks!  What that means is that if for any reason you need to talk AFTER the session, whether you have a quest or an AHA! moment I want to hear about it. I encourage contact after session if needed.
  • I will also send out an email and summarize your session for you, just in case you may not remember everything. This is also nice to reflect on later.
How to prepare for your session: 
The main tip I would give you is to be open to guidance, have an open heart and trust that what is coming is by you and for you. Also don’t sweat it, my sessions are organic and easy going chances are you will love and enjoy your session greatly.
How much does it cost? 
How we connect: 
The vehicle for the session is yours to choose – whether you prefer a phone conversation, or zoom or in-person is always great. Make sure to add me as a contact  prior to the session and possibly shoot me a message to confirm our connection.
Time Zones: 
Pacific Daylight Time
More questions? 
Shoot me an email to and I will be happy to assist you in

making this the best experience for you possible.
Book your session: 
Call, email or shoot me a text and we will get you going. Blessing you on your journey