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S01- E01 Meet Certified Grief Counselor, Nina Impala

Welcome to Tutoring for the Spirit with Nina Impala! Join Nina and her producer, Tim Edwards
with The Inbound Podcasting Network for candid conversations regarding death. In this
inaugural episode, Nina shares her powerful, intuitive abilities that encourages guidance from
the heart to assist her clients in getting through some of the toughest losses in life with a positive
alternative to traditional counseling.


S01-E02 Hospice What You Need To Know – Part 1

Learn what hospice really is and what it is not. Dispelling the myth that hospice is a death
sentence. Hospice is about living, not dying and about quality of life and the end of life. Part 1
of 2.

S01-E03 Hospice What You Need To Know – Part 2

In Part 2, Nina talks about the many things that can come up when a loved one is on hospice, how to bring light and holiness to this event no matter the consequences. Hospice plays an integral part in helping families through the rough patches with care and wisdom.

S01-E04 Dr Monica, Emergency Medicine Dr., Author of It’s Okay to Die.

Dr. Monica Williams is an award-winning writer and captivating national speaker. Her focus is bio-psycho-social-spiritual support for the dying, their loved ones, and the healthcare systems which serve them. Dr. Monica also serves as the Medical Advisor for the Shared Crossing Project.

Dr. Monica and Nina have a candid conversation about their shared gifts of knowing when people will die, and even finding the beauty in traumatic death with peace, closure and healing. Her history at the bedside has taught her not to hide the truth with families of passing loved ones.

S01-E05 Surviving Spousal Suicide with Love and No Judgement
Nina discusses with Amy about how she took and Angels Perspective on suicide. Walking in this
world with 2 beautiful children, and the stance she had to take to protect her husbands legacy.
Amy and Nina together will give you a new perspective on suicide.

S01-E06 A Life Changing Drowning and Story of God with David Bennett

David Bennett joins in Part 1 of 2 in our first episode of our Near Death Experience Series. His drowning, lung cancer survival, and last but not least, his episode with Morgan Freeman on the NETFLIX series, The Story of God, will bring to light the important messages from the other side.

S01-E07 Dannion Brinkley Yes, it’s true he was dead for 28 minutes!

What you hear may surprise you. Dannion is a passionate guy who has a
message for the world and her people. He has died many times in this life, and
was actually struck by lightning not once but twice!

S01-E08 Luke Perry’s Sudden Death – What If That Happened To Me?

Luke Perry’s sudden death brings up discussion nationwide and makes us all
ponder the thought of what if that happened to me? Nina talks candidly about
sudden death. How do people work through sudden death? What does the death of Luke Perry bring up for all of us. Listen to the insights of this show of how to live life as if it was our last day. Are you ready if it was your last day?

S01-E09 Tiffany’s Gift – Grieving For Your Child

Life changed forever for the incredible family featured in this episode the day their beautiful daughter was killed by a drunk boater while on vacation. Their strength and determination to keep her memory alive is a testament to any family who has suffered the loss of a child from a drunk driving accident involving a boat or a car.

S01-E10  Carolyn’s Story – It Was a Freak Accident, Ross Was Only 20

In this second of a two-part series on losing a child, you will hear the importance of keeping a child’s memory alive. Moms and Dads want to talk about their kids. Carolyn urges people not to shy away from talking about the child. It is so important to the parents.

Carolyn, who lost her son Ross at the age of 20, provides insights to help bring peace and comfort to those who have lost children and a reminder to friends and families to know the importance of never forgetting them. A Parents grief is forever.

S01-E11 My Dad’s Dying Process with Dementia

Taking care of our aging parents, remembering their strength before a fall, before dementia can be tough. Amy’s story will help those who have lost their family member to dementia or Alzheimer’s. She shares how her husband’s mother had the same disease, and with her mom still living who is sharp as a tack, she utilized all she could to giver her father the most comfort at the end of his life.

S01-E12 Katherine on Losing Both of Her Parents

Can we ever prepare to lose our mom and dad? Nina’s close friend Katherine joins her in an intimate conversation regarding her grieving process and how she is still working through it all.

Kathrine’s father was a brilliant and highly respected man in his community and church. Losing her father to Dementia was a day-by-day process with caregivers to help Katherine and her family worked together to help each other.

S01-E13 The Amazing Afterlife of Animals with Karen Anderson

Animal Communicator Karen Anderson joins certified hospice professional and grief counselor Nina Impala for amazing stories about her relationships with our 4 legged loves on the other side. Karen has a kind heart and light about her that will beam through this entire podcast.

Being an animal psychic/medium is never easy to explain to some folks. Karen’s journey to except her gifts through various different life experiences truly tells the story how animals speak to her! They have her entire life, and have helped her along the way.

S02-E14 Reiki Healing for Hospice Care and Grief

Certified hospice professional and grief counselor Nina Impala is joined by her producer Tim Edwards to talk about the wonderful benefits of Reiki Energy Healing. Nina will introduce you to subtle energies of healing that bring peace and calming mentally, physically and spiritually.

S02-E15 – Giving a Voice to Grief and Recovery with Dr. Gloria Horsley

Certified hospice professional and grief counselor Nina Impala is joined by Dr. Gloria Horsley, the Founder and President of the Board for the Open to Hope. Dr. Horsley is an internationally known grief expert, psychotherapist, and bereaved parent. 

Open to Hope provides an online forum to support people who have experienced loss: to help them cope with their pain, heal their grief and invest in their future.  Nina Impala is a regular contributor to where people can share inspirational stories of loss and love.

S02-E16 Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Certified hospice professional and grief counselor Nina Impala welcomes Noelle Berman, director of private estates at the eclectic Hollywood Forever Cemetery, for a light hearted discussion regarding the process of making the initial arrangements for the funeral, memorial, burial, or cremation for our loved ones. 

Noelle has has been with Hollywood Forever for almost two decades with a client list that includes the estates of Johnny Ramone, Anton Yelchin, Chris Cornell, Judy Garland and a Gypsy or two.

Serving all faiths weekly cultural events, Hollywood Forever is like no other Cemetery in the world by serving all faiths and hosting weekly cultural events.

S02-E17 A Dance With Death: The Final Days of Kelly Johnson

Leda Meredith is the brave and beautiful daughter of Kelly Johnson. Leda got the call that her dad was dying and on hospice.  Kelly Johnson chose to end his own life through a hospice that supported this decision.  Leda made the choice to pause her life to take care of him for the next 3 weeks. Leda expresses it takes a village to help someone die. Through his daughter and all Kelly’s beautiful friends he was able to die in a way that was incredibly supported, celebrated, peaceful and legal.

Leda describes the trials of being his caregiver and the joy in being the daughter of such a gifted talented man who lived his life to the fullest and chose to leave the same way. Many questions are answered on this podcast about the “End of Life Option” or Assisted Suicide as it is commonly known.

S02-E18 Swimming In The Goodness with Aaron Kirkby

Certified grief counselor and hospice professional Nina Impala welcomes near death experiencer Aaron Kirkeby. Aaron was hit by a car going 70 miles per hour, died, and spent time with God. His story of survival through alcohol and drugs is nothing less than amazing! Aaron is a man who deeply loves God and is here to share that love and peace enthusiastically the world.

19 Angels in the OR with Tricia Barker

Certified grief counselor and hospice professional Nina Impala welcomes Near Death Experiencer and author of the book, Angels in the OR, Tricia Barker.  

Tricia had a profound near death experience her Senior year of college. After her NDE Tricia suffered through many trials which her angels had assured her she would be okay.

Listen to Tricia’s heartfelt words as she shares her story about how her near death experience lead her to teaching troubled kids and helping those to better understand that life is about love, joy, playfulness, and not just surviving and that the incredible importance that LOVE is all that matters.

S02-E20 Grieving Through Multiple Deaths

Certified grief counselor and hospice professional Nina Impala discusses dealing with multiple deaths and the challenges of being a workaholic with her dear friend Robert.

Just one short month after Robert’s mother passed away his best friend and former partner, a relationship that lasted 34 years, lost his life as well. The gift of “being present” in his own life was a huge gift Robert learned through the death of these 2 people very dear to his life. 

S02-E21 – A Funeral Director’s Empathic Heart – What You Can Expect at the Mortuary

Certified Grief Counselor and Hospice Professional Nina Impala welcomes Desiree Weimann, the Funeral Director of Evans Brown Mortuary in Riverside County, California. 

In this episode you will learn about Evans Brown Mortuary’s compassionate and customized funeral preparation process and time-line. In addition, Desiree, who possesses natural gifts of empathy and compassion, shares her heart-warming stories from her years of experience as a funeral director and what happens on the days before and after a funeral that will be remembered forever.

S02-E22 – Afterlife Interrupted with Father Nathan Castle, O.P

Certified Grief Counselor and Hospice Professional Nina Impala welcomes Father Nathan Castle, O.P for a very unusual episode regarding people who have passed on, but literally interrupted their journey to heaven for various reasons.

Father Nathan’s most recent book, Afterlife Interrupted, is about his incredible dreams which has served as a gift of help stuck souls cross over. Please join us on this exciting episode and to meet some of Father Nathan’s “friends” who he has helped get to heaven!

S02-E23 Dr. Connie Mariano, Physician to US Presidents Shares Her Grief

Certified Grief Counselor and Hospice Professional Nina Impala welcomes board certified Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Connie Mariano. Dr. Connie, as she is affectionately known, very recently lost the love of her life, her husband, to a glider accident that killed him instantly. This episode was recorded only a month and a half after he died.

Dr. Connie has been practicing medicine for over 30 years and is a 24-year veteran of the U.S. Navy who retired with the rank of Rear Admiral. Dr. Connie was a White House Physician to three American presidents (Bush Sr., Clinton, &b Bush) and served as Director of the White House Medical Unit.
After retiring from the Navy and leaving the White House in 2001, Dr. Connie was a senior consultant physician in the Executive Health Program at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ where she performed annual exams and managed the care of corporate CEOs and their spouses.

Dr. Connie and Nina discuss the strength and courage that is gained from the loss of a loved one. Dr. Connie’s absolutely knowing that the love she shared with her husband does indeed go on even after his death.  Their enduring love has been uplifting and has provided strength for her through her grief.