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Award-Winning Author And Intuitive Guide Specializing In Grief Counseling

Nina Impala  is a highly intuitive multifaceted individual. She combines her intuitive abilities with professional education in the End-of-Life Field. Certified by The American Academy of Bereavement for Spiritual Facilitation for the Terminally Ill, Nina also holds a BA in Human Services, is a graduate of Mueller College of Holistic Studies, Author of Dearly Departed What I Learned About Living From the Dying, and a Reiki Master Teacher for the last 18 years.

For well over 20 years Nina has worked passionately in the hospice field using her gifts visiting the dying and educating families. In addition to actively working with hospice patients,  Nina works with families that have lost loved ones through accidents and suicide.

Nina facilitates grief groups and speaks about her Tutoring for the Spirit series and her HeartSightâ„¢ Process at a variety of venues in the Southern California area. Her desire is to help people of all ages feel at peace with themselves regardless of whether the transition process is loss of a loved one, a relationship, or a job. 

Nina lives in Southern California near her two sons. She is passionate about bringing education to her community about the transition from this life, a subject that has been sorely neglected in our society.

“You were amazing! . How you get better and better I have no idea. The students said it was the best part of the entire year. You have to do a workshop in the future. ” Linda Ealy, Lead Instructor at Mueller College of Holistic Studies in San Diego, CA.