Losing Independence

I have learned so much since my own grandparents have died some 40 years ago. I would like to share with you some of the insights about what this generation goes through when they start moving towards the end of life. As a much younger person even though I am very close to being a senior myself, 60 is the new 40…Some thoughts are creeping in more than I’d like of what this will be like for [...]

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Is Suffering Necessary?

I have been thinking a lot about suffering, how much we suffer in a lifetime. There seems to be no way of escaping it. The short version for this? We are human and it is part of our experience here. Looking back on my life and observing others’ lives, we suffer from the time we are born.  The mother suffering during childbirth, the baby suffers as well, (although quickly forgotten for both).  Birth has a happy ending [...]

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The Breath of Life is a Touch from Heaven

Our hearts continue beating no matter the sadness and visceral pain we experience when a love one dies. What else can our breathing do? Let me invite you to the space of the breath and only the breath. I know what you’re thinking, people say to you just breathe, take a deep breath and in the depths of grief even this sounds like it is no help at all. Yet, if we break it down and think [...]

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Do Animals Grieve?

Yes. It really is that simple. I am an animal lover and I have been around many grieving animals. I know you have seen the pictures of dogs laying by their masters grave. Just the other day while playing golf, I witnessed a baby bird that was laying in the grass and not doing well. The mama and a bunch of other birds were all trying to protect the baby bird that was near death. The most [...]

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