Slowly Dying

Senseki: At last I am leaving: in rainless skies, a cool moon... pure is my heart It is Thursday, my day to visit a 92-year-old man as his hospice volunteer.  My visit is a labor of love that I have treasured for the past 15 years. To me, there is no greater service than to visit him, love him, and keep him company in his last days. I pull up to the assisted living facility and I [...]

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The Wisdom in Forgiveness

There are people who enter our lives and impact us in a profound way, and recently there was a beautiful young man with light green eyes, and a brilliant smile, who entered my life for only a short time but made such an impact on me. He came into my life through a class I was teaching about death and dying at a local high school. It was one of the basic classes about what to say [...]

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Holiday Blues

Holiday blues got you down? You are not alone this season By Stephanie D. Schulte An interview with Nina Impala   Although the holiday season is filled with good cheer, decked out halls and festive times, for many people it heralds waves of sadness and grief into their lives. For some, the memory of a loved one who has passed away can spark painful feelings. For others, a divorce or job loss can lead to holiday sadness. [...]

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Heart Sight – The Death Zone is a Holy Place

The news has just come in—news you did not want to be true. But it is true, and you and your family are about to enter the Death Zone. If this is starting to sound like a scary movie it isn’t, and by the time you finish reading this I hope you will lose any fear you may have of the death zone. The fact is, we all will die. This is not a secret. But we [...]

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Grief: Go Right Into Every Feeling

The experience of grief is unique to every individual, but during the holidays feelings of sadness and grief that may arise tend to be stronger than at other times during the year. During the holidays we may be going about our daily schedules and suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, sadness stirs inside us with a tremendous sense of loneliness, vivid memories of a person or event that resurface, or acute feelings of loss around missing a friend [...]

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Death Unexpected

I never know when I’ll find myself in a position to help someone cross over. Most of the time I end up working with a patient as a hospice volunteer. Sometimes I am referred to someone who needs my help. And sometimes I just happen to be at the right place when I’m needed. Recently I experienced such a time. That day started out as a typical Sunday—a little coffee, some light music, the sliding door open [...]

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Death A Curious Bliss

I step into the room its kind of like landing in Oz, you know when Dorothy is looking around sort of star struck? Now just add holy and sacred to that, as if golden light is shimmering everywhere.  Beautiful Lucy glances at me for a brief moment and smiles like she is watching the best movie ever, a feel good movie. You know the one that lifts your spirits, leaving you with a warm inner smile,  like [...]

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Bucket List

An older friend said to me the other day, “Nina, I think I missed some opportunities, and it makes me sad.” And there was indeed regret and sadness in his voice. None of us know for sure when our lives will end, but what if you did know the date and time of your death? You may be thinking, I don’t want to know that! But what if you did know it? What would be on your [...]

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An Unbreakable Heart

A broken heart can stir up so many feelings inside us, mostly sorrow, sometimeswe may do (or think of doing) things we never would have done when we are in this much pain. With a broken heart, the days ahead seem grim,and existing on this earth when we feel this way is very difficult or may seem impossible. As you read this, you may be thinking of a broken heart due to relationship or marriage, but there [...]

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About Love And Death

Almost everyone is looking for love, but most of us do everything we can to avoid death, so it makes sense that we seldom put the two words together. However, spirit has spoken to me with profound clarity, through the people that keep waltzing so elegantly into my life, like near death experiencers, and others who are finding peace and love in their own transition process. My interactions with people like these are the reason I can [...]

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